Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 65 - Applying Pigments using PPS

A lot of ladies have been asking Brandi, owner of Prism Pigment Shadows, how to apply their loose pigments.  I took some photos to help explain the best way to apply these amazing colors!  You can see some other looks I did using PPS at the following:

For the collage, I used Splinter, Stiletto and Disco Ball.

The most important thing when applying loose pigments is to use a primer.  For this demonstration, I used the ELF primer.  It's cheap, and it gives the pigments something to adhere to so they last longer.

Apply the primer first, and let it dry for a minute.  You want it to just be a little sticky when you apply your pigments.

I used an ULTA eyeshadow brush to apply these colors, and my finger to blend the colors together.  I typically apply ALL SHADOWS with my fingers, but thought I should show how normal people apply their makeup.  It's completely normal to have fallout, where the pigment falls onto your cheek.  I always do my eyes first, and clean up any fallout using a tissue with some lotion on it.  There are a lot of ways to clean up and even avoid fallout, and the more you use your pigments, the easier it will be to develop your own routine.  I used Disco Ball as a highlight, and to make the lines less severe.  I prefer blended looks, but you can find a lot of tutorials on cut creases and other looks.

I finished up my eyes with black eyeliner, curling my lashes, and mascara.

I finished my face with bb cream, 2 powders, bronzer, eyebrow color and lip gloss.  I'm not an expert at makeup, but I love to play around.  I'm sharing so you can see one way that PPS can be used!

And here are 2 of my favorite PPS looks!

You can visit PPS on facebook at!/prismpigmentshadows!


  1. Gorgeous job! I haven't heard of PPS. Thanks for blogging about them, checking them out today!

    1. Delena is my favorite PPS color, followed by Disco Ball!