Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

RBC Halloween Contest Entry

I am entering Rockeresque Beauty Company's Halloween contest as a witch!

The contest can be entered here:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pampered Xombie

Who : Pampered Xombie
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White

Thoughts : These colors are SO SO pigmented!  They look amazing dry, wet, and even without a base or primer!
- I will be ordering again, and I recommended this company when someone was looking for a metallic red (because Wild Cranberry is perfect!)
- Shipping was fast, they run sales often, and also offer straight glitter.
- No sifters on the 5g jars, which doesn't bother me.
- I wish the site had swatches, it can be hard to tell what color you're buying.

Bokeh Face

Who : Bokeh Face
Where : No longer in business
Swatches : None, because I cannot get them to look as pretty as they do in person.  Will try foiling them at a later date to see if that makes them pretty.

Thoughts : Free pigment during the month of your birthday if you sign up for a membership (which is free!)
- I purchased The Ocean Collection, which includes Octopus, Flippy Floppies, Seaweed and Hurricane.  I love them all.
- I also received the birthday pigment, which comes in a cute jar with a cupcake on top and is a golden shimmer pigment.
- They offer refills for a dollar cheaper than buying a whole new jar, which I think is a fantastic idea.
- Shipping was timely and packaging was cute.

Tick:Tock Cosmetics

Who : Tick:Tock Cosmetics
Where : until the new site is finished, which is
Swatches : All over NYX White in the first photo, and Pixie Epoxy in the second photo.

Thoughts : Perfect neutral shades, and work fabulously together.
- A local company, in Terre Haute!
- Random sales announced through their blog and fb page.
- Dying to buy Midsummer Night, which is new.
- 2 new collections being launched soon.
- Shipping was quick and packaging was nice.


Who : Fyrinnae
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White on top, and over Pixie Epoxy on bottom

Thoughts : The Pixie Epoxy works well, and made Te Amo gorgeous.
- Meerkat is probably one of the prettiest colors I own.
- Shipping is longer than most indie companies, but the product is worth it.
- Te Amo was a sample, and came labeled in a 3g jar.
- Complexity of the colors is amazing.
- The shop has been closing often, which makes ordering difficult.

Unique Pigments

Who : Unique Pigments
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White

Thoughts : Ctankep is my favorite.  I obviously have a purple/pink/red love.
- $4.50 for a 5g jar.
- Sooooo many color choices.
- Fast shipping, good packaging.

Dark Heart Designs

Who : Dark Heart Designs
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White

Thoughts : Dirty and Fool's Gold are GREAT colors.  I don't have any like them, and I appreciate neutrals that aren't boring.
- I bought Dirty and Catalyst along with a sampler pack, and picked up the other 4 colors using a Heartsy Voucher.
- Shipping was great, packaging good.
- A little pricey at $5.99, but I originally bought a BOGO free, which is my favorite sale ever.

Hi-Fi- Cosmetics

Who : Hi-Fi Cosmetics
Where :
Swatches : Need to be redone.  I swatched them crazy like the first time, and it's impossible to label.

Thoughts : High Impact Shadow Fix is my favorite product, hands down.  It takes very little, and even after a 12 hour day of travelling and presenting, my makeup held up and I had no creasing.  I prefer this product over Pixie Epoxy.
- The shop is currently closed due to a Heartsy deal gone crazy.  I purchased through Heartsy, so it was all worth the price, but I will purchase again once the shop reopens.

Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics

Who : Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics
Where : Out of Business
Swatches : All over NYX White

No longer in business.

Vixoden Cosmetics

Who : Vixoden Cosmetics
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White

Thoughts : Bought on Sale for $2 per 5g jar, with $2 shipping.  LOVE!
- Sheer Matrix is a gorgeous purple with red glitter, and my favorite.  Ice works great to blend.  Really, I love all of the colors I ordered.
- The colors do not look as great in the swatches as they really are.
- Slight ordering issue, but sometimes life gets in the way.  Kim got back to me quickly, and the product shipped quickly.
- Active fb fan page at Kim's Kreations.

Altered Ego Cosmetics

Who : Altered Ego Cosmetics
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White

Thoughts : AMAZING Prices!  I won these in a 'Product Testing' on fb, but the prices are a steal!
- Pretty, pigmented colors.
- Blend well.
- Customer service was great, they are friendly and sweet!
- Smaller jars at 3g, but still a great amount of pigment, and well worth the price.

Rockeresque Beauty Company

Who : Rockeresque Beauty Company
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White

Thoughts : Gorgeous colors and quality. 
- Super pigmented. 
- $6.00 each, but they do run specials. 
- Cute shipping, comes with samples.
- Offers kits, which come with extras.
- Membership program, points add up to earn discounts on future purchases and discount code for your birthday.
- Great customer service.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Pretty Zombie

Who : My Pretty Zombie
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White

Favorites : I love these 6!

Thoughts : I need to order again, there are a lot of cute colors and I need the mNg trio!
- I like that some are matte, others shimmer and others glitter.
- 5 for $20, with $3 shipping.
- Cute packaging!

Rag Dolls Bath and Beauty

Who : Rag Dolls Bath and Beauty
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White

Favorites : Sour Grapes, Violent Violet, Poison Apple, Drag Queen Blue, Trigger Happy (which is more grey than it appears here)

Thoughts : Fast shipping and great customer service.  When a supplier changed the safety of an ingredient, Arielle refunded the full price plus shipping of any items bought using that ingredient, and notified buyers of the situation.
- Variety of colors, as well as types (glitter and shimmer)
- Is now offering lip balm, blush, solid perfumes, bath bombs, and jewelry.
- Love You Long Time Eyeshadow Primer works well.
- Offers buy-one-get-one sales (which is the best!)

Facebomb Cosmetics

Who : Facebomb Cosmetics
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White

Favorites : Porange, Vicious, You're my boy blue, Master Quest, Death Mountain

Thoughts : Great customer service and fast shipping. 
- Amazing colors without a lot of work.
- Easy to blend (except Stay Gold, Pony Boy).
- Great prices, with sales often.
- Variety, with new colors always being made.
- Some fallout, but to be expected from colors so glittery.  Doesn't bother me.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Blogging to Swatch

The only reason this blog is here is to swatch the colors I keep buying.  It's an easy way to remember which colors I loved, and which colors go well together.
And I want to be able to enter contests through gfc ;)