Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pampered Xombie

Who : Pampered Xombie
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White

Thoughts : These colors are SO SO pigmented!  They look amazing dry, wet, and even without a base or primer!
- I will be ordering again, and I recommended this company when someone was looking for a metallic red (because Wild Cranberry is perfect!)
- Shipping was fast, they run sales often, and also offer straight glitter.
- No sifters on the 5g jars, which doesn't bother me.
- I wish the site had swatches, it can be hard to tell what color you're buying.

Bokeh Face

Who : Bokeh Face
Where : No longer in business
Swatches : None, because I cannot get them to look as pretty as they do in person.  Will try foiling them at a later date to see if that makes them pretty.

Thoughts : Free pigment during the month of your birthday if you sign up for a membership (which is free!)
- I purchased The Ocean Collection, which includes Octopus, Flippy Floppies, Seaweed and Hurricane.  I love them all.
- I also received the birthday pigment, which comes in a cute jar with a cupcake on top and is a golden shimmer pigment.
- They offer refills for a dollar cheaper than buying a whole new jar, which I think is a fantastic idea.
- Shipping was timely and packaging was cute.

Tick:Tock Cosmetics

Who : Tick:Tock Cosmetics
Where : until the new site is finished, which is
Swatches : All over NYX White in the first photo, and Pixie Epoxy in the second photo.

Thoughts : Perfect neutral shades, and work fabulously together.
- A local company, in Terre Haute!
- Random sales announced through their blog and fb page.
- Dying to buy Midsummer Night, which is new.
- 2 new collections being launched soon.
- Shipping was quick and packaging was nice.


Who : Fyrinnae
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White on top, and over Pixie Epoxy on bottom

Thoughts : The Pixie Epoxy works well, and made Te Amo gorgeous.
- Meerkat is probably one of the prettiest colors I own.
- Shipping is longer than most indie companies, but the product is worth it.
- Te Amo was a sample, and came labeled in a 3g jar.
- Complexity of the colors is amazing.
- The shop has been closing often, which makes ordering difficult.

Unique Pigments

Who : Unique Pigments
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White

Thoughts : Ctankep is my favorite.  I obviously have a purple/pink/red love.
- $4.50 for a 5g jar.
- Sooooo many color choices.
- Fast shipping, good packaging.

Dark Heart Designs

Who : Dark Heart Designs
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White

Thoughts : Dirty and Fool's Gold are GREAT colors.  I don't have any like them, and I appreciate neutrals that aren't boring.
- I bought Dirty and Catalyst along with a sampler pack, and picked up the other 4 colors using a Heartsy Voucher.
- Shipping was great, packaging good.
- A little pricey at $5.99, but I originally bought a BOGO free, which is my favorite sale ever.

Hi-Fi- Cosmetics

Who : Hi-Fi Cosmetics
Where :
Swatches : Need to be redone.  I swatched them crazy like the first time, and it's impossible to label.

Thoughts : High Impact Shadow Fix is my favorite product, hands down.  It takes very little, and even after a 12 hour day of travelling and presenting, my makeup held up and I had no creasing.  I prefer this product over Pixie Epoxy.
- The shop is currently closed due to a Heartsy deal gone crazy.  I purchased through Heartsy, so it was all worth the price, but I will purchase again once the shop reopens.

Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics

Who : Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics
Where : Out of Business
Swatches : All over NYX White

No longer in business.

Vixoden Cosmetics

Who : Vixoden Cosmetics
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White

Thoughts : Bought on Sale for $2 per 5g jar, with $2 shipping.  LOVE!
- Sheer Matrix is a gorgeous purple with red glitter, and my favorite.  Ice works great to blend.  Really, I love all of the colors I ordered.
- The colors do not look as great in the swatches as they really are.
- Slight ordering issue, but sometimes life gets in the way.  Kim got back to me quickly, and the product shipped quickly.
- Active fb fan page at Kim's Kreations.

Altered Ego Cosmetics

Who : Altered Ego Cosmetics
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White

Thoughts : AMAZING Prices!  I won these in a 'Product Testing' on fb, but the prices are a steal!
- Pretty, pigmented colors.
- Blend well.
- Customer service was great, they are friendly and sweet!
- Smaller jars at 3g, but still a great amount of pigment, and well worth the price.

Rockeresque Beauty Company

Who : Rockeresque Beauty Company
Where :
Swatches : All over NYX White

Thoughts : Gorgeous colors and quality. 
- Super pigmented. 
- $6.00 each, but they do run specials. 
- Cute shipping, comes with samples.
- Offers kits, which come with extras.
- Membership program, points add up to earn discounts on future purchases and discount code for your birthday.
- Great customer service.