Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 63 - Black Rose Minerals

Who : Black Rose Minerals
Where : http://www.blackroseminerals.com/
Swatches : All over NYX White

This is my order, the Love Me...Love Me Trio and a Mystery pack.  I also received 5 eyeshadow samples, 2 blush samples and a ton of cute stickers!  Rosa sends amazing freebies with her orders, and her Mystery Packs are the BEST of any company I have tried.

This is Lovestruck, Lovesick and Lovefool, first in the sunlight, then with flash.

Ishtar, Acid, Harvest and Blue Orchid, first in sunlight, then with flash.  Ishtar is gorgeous, and without primer (not pictured) is a perfect, shimmery highlight color.  It has a pink sheen that my camera just didn't pick up.

Thoughts:  This is my second order, and I love it!
- I had considered buying the trio the first time around, and I am SO GLAD I did.  The colors are versatile, but unique enough that I don't already own the exact shades.
- The mystery packs really can't be beat.  $8.00, and you see all of the product I received!  4 jars, 5 eyeshadow samples, and 2 blush samples!

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