Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 49 - Shiro Cosmetics

Who : Shiro Cosmetics
Where :
Swatches : Pigments over Nyx White, Intertubes over bare skin and lips

Clockwise: Beyond the Fence, Cake Day, and Your Best Friend

Starting from the top: Super Boner, Over 9000, Rickrolled, Nyan Cat, Leeroy Jenkins, Robe and Wizard Hat

Super Boner

Over 9000


Nyan Cat

Leeroy Jenkins

Robe and Wizard Hat

Thoughts: I love the Intertubes!  Super Boner is not only funny, but a gorgeous color.  I also love Nyan Cat and Over 9000.  I don't think Robe and Wizard Hat, Leeroy Jenkins and Rickrolled work on me, but it's just because I am very white with reddish skin.
- The formula for the Intertubes is great, and the only one that was really flavored/scented was Super Boner, and it was a nice spearmint.
- The pigments are pretty, and I love the gold in Beyond the Fence.
- I received my order less than weeks from shipping, and ordered during a sale, so I'm happy with it all!

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